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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What to Name the iPhone - Cingular or att

Everyone knows I'm an Apple fanatic. Heck, I've even worked there. So when I found out that Apple was coming out with a cell phone I was very excited. My excited pretty much went to mulch when I found out that I have a two year contract with a competitor and they're going with Cingular. I originally didn't go with Cingular because there are no plans available in the sticks where I live. Now I'm just mad. :/

It seems that Apple has a dilemma though. Wirefly reports that Cingular is possibly changing its name back to at&t. At least the ads say "Cingular is now The new AT&T cell phone as shown in on the Cingular badge here. Will Apple need to change all of their information to support this change?

I don't think so. First, I don't believe at&t will change the name--at least I hope they don't. Cingular has a presence and a logo which makes it a really bad idea for anyone to change their name. People know the little X guy logo.

Second, will it affect Apple? No way. It doesn't matter where Apple brings its business. The company is popular enough and its logo is known enough for anyone to recognize it anywhere. It won't hurt the sales of the company. What it might hurt is if there are phones in production with the Cingular name printed on the phone and at&t demands the name be changed. Then Apple will need to rebrand the phones, which would cost them money.

Am I going to switch to Cingular when the iPhone comes out? No, because it's not in my area. I'm sure that most people can. If you're not sure if you are able to switch, try the zip code search at Wirefly and they'll let you know right away. Then send me a picture of your new iPhone and make me jealous.
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