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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Had to Go Wii This Morning

My son decided he wanted a Wii of his own. For the past two weeks we've been trying to buy him one. Unfortunately, they're either all sold out by the time we call or the truck doesn't have a shipment. So today he woke me up at 5:45 AM so I could go sit in the sub zero temperatures with my youngest son and wait until Target hands out tickets to come back when the store opens to buy the Wii.


We get there at about 6:30 and sit in the parking lot with the heater on until 6:45 when people start lining up. We're padded in jackets and blankets (remember, this is Wiscosin in early March) and chatting with the friendly people waiting with us.

At 7:10 the store manager and an employee come out. They have 8 tickets and there are about twelve people waiting. We were number 5 so the wait was worth it. Off we go to McDonald's to buy a few steak and egg biscuits to celebrate. I wanted Starbucks!

We came back at 8:00 AM and bought a few games, the Wii, and a remote (controller) for me. Fortunately my son will pay me back next week for his games and the console because I just cannot afford it.

Was it worth the wait? YES! The Wii is a Nintendo fanatic's dream. It's also great exercise! Instead of sitting on your rear pressing buttons you get up and move with the wireless remote. You can actually play tennis with the computer and move around like you're playing. You play pool like you're playing. I believe there is even a fitness program that I will not try until my kids are back in school next week.

The best part is that I can play all the games I loved to play when I was a kid! Yes, that's right. If you owned an Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or a Super Nintendo (SNES) in the 80s and 90s then you'll be happy to know that all your favorites are there. I think you can play Sega games as well.

Do I recommend a Wii? YES!
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