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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Casino Royale Review

Review for Casino Royale

I waited somewhat impatiently to watch Casino Royale. Seeing a new James Bond movie was the highlight of my day. It wasn't until I realized that the whole darn movie was a big lie.

The movie itself wasn't bad. The special affects were excellent and explosive. I loved it when the cars flew away in the wake of the airplane and I think I cried in pain when Bond rolled his beautiful car.

Daniel Craig playing as James Bond grew on you, and by the end of the movie he was downright gorgeous. It didn't help to see him butt naked and tied to a chair. That body is just to die for. Unfortunately, to me he just wasn't suave and sassy like Brosnan and Connery.

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd did have me fooled for I could never tell if she was serious or not. I'm sure I'll need to watch it again to pick up on the detail, but it annoys me that the reason for her betrayal wasn't even brought into the picture until later.

A good percentage of the movie was that God awful poker game and if the bad guy Le Ciffre played by Mads Mikkelsen didn't have that grotesque eye bleeding and oozing all over the place I might have just fast forwarded it to the next exciting scene. His eye was pretty gruesome and matched his wretched personality.

M played of course by Judi Dench, was typical and bitchy to be expected. Not to harp on the age of Judi Dench, but it just seems all backwards after watching Bond for years to see M older than before. Which brings me to my biggest gripe of all:

James Bond is a sixties cold war hero. He is not a Y2K terrorist spy. Had the movie continued into the future and made him into a terrorist spy of today then maybe the plot would have worked out. I'm sorry lovers of the MI5 of today, but James Bond is your original spy guy and just dropping him into 2006 just doesn't cut it.

The movie would have been better as a new spy for a new era.

My podcast for this review should be up soon.
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