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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movie Review Hard Luck

If you're into really strange and wacky movies then this one is for you. An ex-con cleans up his act and falls in love only to lose her in Katrina. He goes to a party with his friend only to end up in the same type of situation he was just trying to get out of. He ends up with a stripper at his side, $200,000 of marked bills, and a pair of really odd serial killers into some mad form of BDSM.

Personally, I really don't like Cybill Shepard as she's had some political statements that really irk me and her acting has never impressed me. Her part in this movie fits her and just possibly she's found a role that actually fits her.

Wesley Snipes is just as good as ever. I think I've enjoyed everything he's ever been in that I've seen. He plays the poor, pathetic ex-con just as good as an psychotic gang leader or a martial arts hero on a plane. In this movie he's kind of sweet yet still has a little bit of that bad boy persona. It fits him well.

Not a movie for kids. With the exception of the stripper bar and the psychos, there isn't too much nudity or sexual content. There are some jokes that will go above many heads over the age of eleven. Still, I wouldn't recommend it for the sensitive type because the acts of the serial killers would terrify anyone in their right minds.

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