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Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Talk Document Security

How important is data security? Very! If you're not careful then you could be liable for a lot of illegal things going on at your computer. There are certain files that should always be kept secure with a special file lock and hidden in the darkest depths of your system. Bank account information, passwords, and especially important information about your family should be locked up. I have a feeling that most hackers are there for fun, but there are a handful who are there to do malicious and mean things to you. Please protect your machine! There are many tools used for protection that include firewalls, extra password security, tripwires, and more. What is going to protect your outgoing documents from email sniffers and interceptors such as snoopy office co-workers?

You can protect special documents by using SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. We've been using zip for years, but this is a new method that will automatically protect files through email. By protecting your files, snoopers can't read the text that flies by when they read your data with packet sniffers. Ooooh, naughty!

Right now you can get a free trial of securezip by visiting Try it out and you'll feel more secure about what you do online.

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