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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More on that bat...

So I come home from the dentist today and my son runs out of the bathroom and tells me there's a bat in our kitchen. In the middle of the day? I shudder to think of why a bat would be flying around my home in the middle of the day!

We wait it out and guess what comes flying out of the garbage can when we rattle it with a broom? A cute little fuzzy black bat. I think I screamed. I know I did. It's not because it's a bat. It's not because it's scary. It's not because the thing could possibly have rabies. It's because the darn thing is skittish and doesn't know where it's going in the light and flies right toward you until it realizes it just might hit something hard and flies away. I think it knows that you're terrified of it and it really just does it on purpose.

I corner the darn thing by waving a broom at it until it's in the broom pantry and the I shut the door. It flew around for awhile while I went outside to open the window. UGH. Just my luck, but the window wouldn't open from the outside so I had sneak through the room while it hid in the shadows and open the window then run and shut the door. Scary.

Finally, I get outside and take out the screen. The dumb creature flew around for awhile until it's flight pattern hit the open air and it flew away.

Yes, I probably should have left it in the room and called animal control, but I didn't want it escaping through the little crack in the door and I had no where else to put it. So, the first fun thing I get to do tomorrow morning is call the doctor to see if he thinks we all need rabies shots. Ugh.

I'm sitting here, awake at 2:30 in the morning and tempted to turn on the light just so the creepy little thing doesn't somehow get back into my home and haunt us again.

I just might scream and the nosey neighbor might call the police on me.

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