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Monday, February 26, 2007

This Man Took His Lifestyle Way Too Far

You know, I'm pretty open to what people do behind their closed doors. I'm also open to what people read, watch on tv, rent, whatever as long as the content is legal, the does not involve minors, and it's consensual. I have friends all over the spectrum: some who would never do anything kinky and others who revel in it. I do know people who practice role play and BDSM. Yes, some of these people have consensual slaves. No, I am not one and I don't live this lifestyle.

What I've never seen, and who I don't know, are people who do the things that this man did to his partners. Some of the things he did were unspeakable! From what I understand from my friends is that what happens is supposed to be an agreement and I doubt anyone agreed to have cigarette burn mutilation done to them and their lips surgically sealed shut.

This guy should be in jail for torture of another human being or whatever the law is for that. The government is all crazy about what he puts on the Internet, but in reality what he did was strip a person of her dignity and rights. It went way beyond what was allowed in their world. Good grief.
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