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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Celebrating Snow with Snow Angels

People in North Dakota are trying to break a new record by making snow angels. They've even got a 99 year old woman, Pauline Jaeger, making her first one.

In 2002 the record for the most snow angels was around 1,800. In Michigan it was almost 4,000. So it's a big surprise to see at least 8,000 snow angels. How did they do it? Who put on this effort of people freezing their backsides to make impressions in the fluff?

The article doesn't say who coordinated the event, but it seems Michigan is keeping a close eye on the success of this game. Personally? I'm glad it's melting away because we're having a heatwave here in Wisconsin. Is North Dakota having the same 40 degree heatwave? Let's hope not!

Have I ever made a snow angel? I guess. Yeah, it waited until I was 33 or so because I lived in Northern California for all of my life and it doesn't snow at sea level there. Would I ever make one again? Only if my kids begged me. And why not? Because I want to go home to San Francisco where there is no snow!
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