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Monday, February 19, 2007

Following Directions

Why is it so hard for people to follow directions? Have we been able to get away with so much in our lives that doing your absolute best is no longer important?

When I ask for something specific, I ask to do it in a certain way because I'm busy. For example, yesterday I had to enter 130 books into a book distributor. I ended up entering only 100 because the 30 remaining books need to be reformatted. Instead of reformatting the books for distribution today, I was busying answering questions that could have been avoided if the people asking read the directions.

I finally gave up on answering questions and went back to modifying books. Why? Because I was wasting time. All of these questions could have been answered by reading the Promotions Coordinator position that was posted yesterday. The information was there, including how to find out more about the job.

In fact, as of right now I'm putting my foot down. I know exactly what the email looks like for those who use the proper method of inquiring about the position. If the information is not received at the appropriate email address with the right subject then the message will be ignored. Why? Because it will prove to me the person applying actually cares about following directions.

Yeah, I'm a little mad about it. :-)
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