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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Urine in Bottles?

I've seen messy houses everywhere. Heck, mine gets messy with three kids running around who pick up nothing. I've seen people who are pack rats and save everything. I've seen people with large amounts of garbage stashed by the garbage can. I've seen people who leave plates of food out overnight. Heck, I've seen party houses with empty beer cans overflowing everywhere.

Never have I seen anything like this.

There is so much garbage that you can barely walk through the house. There are cat litter boxes turned over with hopefully just cat poo. I guess the plumbing didn't work so the people who lived in the house, a mom and three daughters, used soda bottles to urinate in and hold it until ??

Those poor girls. Did they think all of this was okay? Did their mother threaten them if they told anyone?
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