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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Find Your Cell Phone Deal Anywhere!

Isn’t it about time that you had a cell phone? Everyone has a cell phone and these days it’s almost like a necessary accessory. Even just for emergencies! I live in the frozen world of Wisconsin and I can’t imagine being on the road with all the ice and snow drifts during the winter or driving through the thunderstorms and tornadoes without an emergency resource. And these days you can get service almost anywhere.

Let me tell you my most recent and crazy emergency. My son rode his bike to work thinking it would be okay to ride home. Boy, was he wrong. When he left work that night it was -19 outside. Yes, -19! Even worse, he didn’t have a jacket and his brakes on his bike were frozen solid. The doors at his job were already shut and he couldn’t get back in. Fortunately my dear son didn’t need to walk home in the freezing weather and suffer frostbite. He just called me from his cell and I was able to go pick him up. The only thing we had to worry about was someone stealing the bike!

I don't believe I've found an easier and more comprehensive place to search for a cell phone and carrier in my area. The only thing missing is the Apple iPhone, but of course that isn't available yet.

Now, I have the RAZR phone with T-Mobile. I think it's an incredible deal. My son crushed his RAZR so we'll be on the hunt to get him another one soon. I think I might give him my RAZR and I'll get something like the T-Mobile MDA or a . I'm not a big fan of Windows so I'll probably go with the BlackBerry even though it costs a little extra every month.

I don't think you can go wrong searching for a deal here. There is a great selection and their interface very easy to use. It makes me wish I had used it to find my deal before I got that 2-year contract.

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