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Monday, February 19, 2007

Get Paid to Review My Blog

I'm a sucker for a great deal so when my friend told me about PayPerPost, I was very excited. I immediately signed up and waited impatiently for my blog to become valid in the system. I was soon ready to go out and tell my friends, family, associates, and strangers about PayPerPost. Unfortunately not everyone I knew shared my enthusiasm. "Oh no, another referral program," they'd say and then go back to their humdrum job.

PayPerPost has now sweetened the deal and given me opportunity to ask these kind folks to help me out in a different way. Now if someone reads my blog and comments on my post after signing up with PayPerPost we both can get paid! That’s right. If you sign up right now while reading this and comment on the post we’ll both get

Not only am I now getting paid for someone to blog about my blog, I’m getting more hits from others who wanted to see what my reviewer is talking about. How can you go wrong with this? All it takes is posting a simple button to the bottom of the post, such as the one below, and you’re off to telling the world about my blog. Even better, you can do the same and make some cash, too. Get some blog traffic!

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