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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Adventures in Christmas Cookies

Every year I try to make a tin or plate of cookies for friends around the neighborhood. It's quite amusing because I'm like the worst cookie designer in the world yet it's so much fun to experiment.

This year we made the usual candy cane twists, green wreaths with red bows, and the standard cut out cookies. We also made peanut butter kiss cookies and chocolate chip cookies (my own special recipe which is totally divine). I added some surprises like orange zest to the red, peppermint to the green, etc. We made stained-glass cookies with candy and even decorated some of the ornament and tree cookies with melted hard candy. Next the kids can paint and frost the cookies while I rest my back.

I can't tell you that I'm not exhausted and yet I still am not finished. You see, my beloved six-year old decided to eat all the kisses off of the peanut butter kiss cookies I made and put away. The kids (and the ex) also love my personal chocolate chip cookie recipe so those disappeared just as fast. I am now having to make those all over again.

My son made an ice cream cone cookie of his own. I will not put the image up of the cookie because it resembles something To him, it's an ice cream cone in all the innocence in the world. His brothers gasped and snickered when they saw the cookie. Brats.

I did take a picture so when he is old enough to realize what it actually looked like I can give him the picture and say "here's the ice cream cone you made when you were six."

So, off I go to make more cookies while all the males are out Christmas shopping. (ha ha ha - the day before Christmas. I'm already DONE!)
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