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Sunday, December 24, 2006

People From S****Hole Steal Chocolate

No, this comment isn't about how the people revolted against the man who called their town a S***hole. See, he called the town a s***-hole because when he first moved in there someone broke in and stole a grand worth of stuff and it sounds like someone broke through a window.

Yes, it's bad to speak ill of the town you live in, especially when your employer put you there for your job--you'll be out of a job and a place to live. It's also bad of s***-hole people to go stealing things. So, both were wrong.

Perhaps the people shouldn't have stolen anything from this man. Perhaps the good town folk who thought the crime was wrong should have extended an open hand to make him feel more welcome after such an issue.

Read about the chocolate stealing s***-holes here.
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