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Friday, December 22, 2006

Can They Legally Pull the Bullet from this Guy's Head?

This guy has a bullet in his head that stands between his freedom and a conviction. Now, I can understand if the bullet might cause him a certain death if removed, but I didn't read anything like that in the article. What I read is that it's his privacy since it's in his body. Oh brother.

If he really wanted to prove his innocence and he will be safe if the bullet is removed then he should just get it over with.

If someone swallows diamonds and you can see them in an X-Ray but can't get the serial numbers until they're removed would they stop to remove the diamonds? NO. If some punk swallowed heroin in a balloon and was going to die because the balloon will burst, would they remove it? You bet.

This guy is just crying no because I bet he's guilty and his attorney is probably a scumbag.
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