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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Everyone Else Gets the Weather

Not that I'm complaining at the moment because I want to do more Christmas shopping, but no matter where I live here, all the other places around get the blizzards and the snow dumps.

The only white we're going to have on the ground here in the freezing tundra of West Central Wisconsin is the frost while others might even be without power just east of where we are. Their storm brought us about 2 inches of slush that drained away by the next day. The kids were praying for a snow day and although many of the other schools were out, their schools stayed in because they never have snow days.

I wouldn't plan on traveling.

What I can't believe is the school policy of not letting kids inside the school unless it's below zero. That's just stupid. No wonder why kids are sick all the time here. It's just as bad as the Subway here making you come to work when your sick. Oh, the midwest and Wisconsin work policies--that's another post. I'm going a little off topic.

Read about the Wisconsin power outages here.
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