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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hip Hop DJ Shot 13 Times

There class and then there's crash. Carl Blaze died from gunshot wounds. He was shot thirteen times for some unknown reason--possibly for the theft of the $20,000 diamond he was wearing.

Now, I'm not into hip hop at all, but it's really sad to hear of a death so close to Christmas. Don't these creeps who go around shooting others have any heart at all?

There has been no other type of music that brings such death and shame to people. The hippies had pot and although I don't believe in smoking it, they didn't go around shooting people in gangs. The punkers had great music and unfortunately a lot of really bad drugs, but their crimes were mostly stealing and getting high.

Why is it that the rappers have to go around shooting people? It's just rude.

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