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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Death Chamber - Stage Left

Only in Berkeley, California will you find a play about someone executed in the death chamber. The whole show was about the San Quinton execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. The authors did not apologize for the obvious activism propaganda. They claim to have been there during his execution and were friends of his.

This guy killed people. He didn't take concern if they died a horrible death or not. He was a leader of a gang and obviously took pride in his horrible acts. Did he care that they suffered? Did he deserve to suffer as he died?

I'm all for the death penalty. In fact, I think murderers should be executed faster than to take more of our tax dollars supporting them. It's torture for them just to keep them alive waiting for their execution day.

How do you feel about the death penalty and the idea of play enacting the whole procedure? Read about it and let me know in this blog.
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