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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get Ready, Get Set - Get AIDS!

Circumcision may cut risk of AIDS in half. At least that is what two different tests in South Africa have proven. 5,000 men were divided into two groups in the battle for the disease. All were given sex education information. Twice the men in uncircumcised group contracted the disease.

Here is what I picture: 5,000 men in a group, drooling over the object of sex. They're let out of the gates where they go running and to date their latest woman (or man) and then put their lives at risk. I know that isn't how the test went, but that's what in see in my mind.

The only way to fight AIDS is to keep your wanker in your pants and stop sleeping around. Period. Sleeping around is like playing Russian roulette with only one chamber empty.

Read about it here.
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