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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It Was All a Matter of Color - E. Coli

E. coli was found on white onions, not green ones. Do you know what's scary? It was a different strain.

You know, with all these outbreaks it make you wonder if someone is doing this on purpose. Yeah, I know, it's scare mongering. After all we went through the last six years with the idiot terrorists we need to be more careful. So think about it, how could these creeps get this stuff into our food? It's not that hard.

Not all strains of E. coli will make you sick. In fact, a lot of people get it without even knowing it and some strains actually help your body by synthesizing certain vitamins and suppressing the growth of some harmful bacteria. There are a couple of strains; however, that will make you sick and even one strain, E. coli serotype O157:H7, that is toxic and can kill you.

How to protect your family? ALWAYS completely cook your food and at the right temperature. Not only is raw hamburger meat gross, but because the meat is ground up bacteria can be inside the meat. This is why all hamburger meat needs to be cooked through. A steak is supposed to be protected because the meat is not cut and the bacteria supposedly lives on the outside. So, when you cook your steak, make sure to get it at the right temp so the outside is cooked through and do not sear the meat!

I've seen other problems where bacteria has grown inside the veins of lettuce so, although rare, washing it doesn't always work. Don't let that stop you from washing your veggies though.

We've stopped eating a lot at fast foods mainly because we're broke and I'm dieting, but I have noticed that we no longer get as sick as we used to. Maybe for a healthier nation and less scares--and saving money--we should all do the same.
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