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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Live365's Cancellation Policy

It stinks. I signed up for a Live365 trial a week ago. I decided to cancel because I need Christmas money instead. Well, I did what they said and sent an email to the cancellation team. Of course, by their rules the cancellation must happen within a few days before the trial ends. Why do they even give you a trial period?

Here's what you have to do:
1. sign up for the trial
2. tell them in the amount of time to cancel the trial
3. do it at least 4 days before the trial ends (then why in the hell is it a trial???)
4. they'll send you a form to fill out.
5. they will not refund your money until the next time the trial is over.
6. if you signed up for a year, you don't get any money or cancellation because you signed up for a year.

So, I'm out money for Christmas and now I have an account I can't use and they won't give me my money back because I canceled over the weekend and their support guy didn't give me the damn link until after I was already charged. HELLO.

Do I smell STINK???
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