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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Speaking of bugs, worms, and issues

I put SPAM protection on my account two days ago and only 10% of my messages are NOT SPAM. I really recommend going this route - click here to get SPAM protection. I don't care what they say about this because I was going insane with SPAM. At the moment my brain is relaxing and sometimes I wonder what to do with myself. I'm serious. The SPAM problem was getting so bad that it was taking a good 70% of my time.

See, the SPAM jerks are getting smarter and IT groups are having a more difficult time keeping up. Over the last few months SPAM has been reported as uncontrollable and the creeps are winning. Okay, that depends on your SPAM blocker. Most people do not have an adequate system and get bombarded. My old SPAM blocker used intelligence and was a nightmare to keep up with. This new one uses common sense and works wonders.

Tell those spammers to get lost and get SPAMArrest
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