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Friday, December 15, 2006

Terrorists Deny Link to Al

Yeah, and I'm a billionaire. These people can deny all they want, but you know what? They're all after the same thing. I feel for the Muslims who practice their religion in peace because these terrorists give them a bad name. The terrorist organizations are after converting the world to Allah. They hate westerinization because they want to stick to their old world beliefs.

People can stick to whatever beliefs they want, just don't harm others doing it. Comprende? It's not our fault that we buy oil from you and your government doesn't filter the goods down to you. Blame your government, not us.

If you want my opinion, I think we should just go to an alternate source like icky corn that can run anything and tell these oil countries to solve their own poverty problems because once we pull out of the oil business their money will be gone and they'll all be back into poverty and then they can really blame their government.

Think about it -- we're your source of income and food. We buy your oil and use it. Maybe we should just stop.

I think the terrorists all in it together for world domination.

Okay, so I went off topic. What do you think?

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