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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Want Your Link on this Page?

Do you want your link on this page? There are two ways:

  • Link to me: Put my link on your page and then email me your page info. If you update your page at least once per week and I can confirm my link is on your page then I will add you to my Link List.
  • Send me news! Anyone who sends me a news article with a link can have his or her blog linked within the text. It will say something like: Article Sent by: YOUR BLOG LINK/YOUR NAME. The commentary will be mine. If you don't like my commentary then you're welcome to add your own in the comments. You don't always need to agree with me. The blog might get boring with my outspoken opinions!

My email is ladyaeval at mac dot com. Do not SPAM me. You will be easily blocked. Just send me the info above and do not forget to put your blog info or if you choose to remain anonymous then put anonymous.
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