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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Do They Wear Under Those Kilts?

I'm Scottish, at least a little bit, yet I have no idea of what goes on in the Scottish army. I always thought the kilts were ceremonial pieces and not worn during duty. I didn't know they were worn up to WWI.

Anyway, the Scottish army changed their look after the merging of the royal regiment into a the single Royal Regiment of Scotland in August 2006. Now there isn't enough fabric to go around to make the new quilts.

You know, someone needs to be creative and make the parade look like several groups merging into one so that it looks purposefully done. Have the soldiers in groups and then move into a single file. It could be done tactfully and manly enough to make it look royal (and quite delicious!)

Is it really true they don't wear anything under those kilts? Can a nice, strong burly Scottish man email me and let me know?

Read about it here.
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