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Friday, December 15, 2006

Who in the Hell is Perez Hilton?

Okay, In a news article I see this guy in yellow and pink who is supposedly attacking and writing horrible things about people who are gay and then I go to his website and realize that he's just another mean skank trying to be rude to people who are more successful than he is.

I mean, where did he cough up the name Perez Hilton? Hmmm...a little too much like our friend Paris Hilton? Is he supposed to be her alter ego or is he just stealing a little too close to her name to get fame?

I read some of the things he said to others and although I believe the paparazzi can go way overboard, I think this creep is completely out of line with what he says. Yes, I called him a creep because his language and behavior is just nasty.

He's starting to make my notes about Paris and Britney look like angels!

Read about it here. Did you have any clue who he was? What a jerk!
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