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Friday, December 12, 2008

Are Your Kids Watching CSI?

Sometimes people think just because a show is on television it is going to be appropriate for children. After one extremely gory part of CSI a few years ago I stopped letting my kids watch certain shows at night. For awhile this was a problem, but since I've had my DVR it is very, very nice. :)

This morning I started watching CSI after my son had gone to school and I am so glad that I waited. The first thing I see is a woman getting attacked and then a decomposing corpse stored in a garbage bag. For me, it was great because I'm into all that horror, but what about those who tune in to watch a crime show?

Honestly, what are we doing to our kids to allow them to watch such shows? I'm not telling you what to watch or what to let your kids watch, but I'm just wondering if we're allowing ourselves and our kids to be trained by the site of gore and horror that it really doesn't matter to some any longer. Kind of like porn creep where people who watch porn so often they can no longer perform naturally. Is this doing something similar to our minds? Where the shock of death is no longer shocking?
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