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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blogging for a Living

I recently signed up for a project called The Niche Blogger where you take a class on blogging and how to market, find subjects, etc. Now I've been blogging for years but I've never really put my heart into it until now. I ignored all the hype of what was going on and did other things.

Since I'm paying for the class I'm really hoping that it turns into something useful. I'll be honest with you--it already has. I didn't realize there was a craft to all this. I figured blogging was just putting words down on paper like I'm doing now, but I was wrong. There is a lot more to it than just thinking up a few paragraphs about your day and getting into it if you want to make a living from writing.

I'm anxious to know how many of you make money at blogging. Do you do it just for fun or do you rake in the dough? How many of you really put your heart into it? I know that some of you call me privately and tell me these things and others send a private email, but I'd like to see it in comments if you want.

What do you think about taking a class and learning all about how to blog?
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