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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Broke for Christmas?

I was a little broke this year too so I decided to have Santa Claus come on the 25th and then we can all exchange presents in January when the rest of the family comes over to deliver their presents. Everything came down on me at once this year and no matter how I planned it all fell through.

I don't want my youngest to stop believing in Santa Claus just yet. He has already said he doesn't believe because Santa never brings him what he wants. So this year I went and bought something second-hand from GameStop. I bought him a Guitar Hero guitar for the Wii for $30.00 and the game for another $30.00 (I agreed to give each kid $50 to $60 from Santa.) Then, to my delight, my landlord gave us a $40.00 gift card from Wal-Mart. With this I bought stocking stuffers from the holiday candy department and trinkets and gadgets of about $7.00 for each child.

It won't be a big Christmas, but I believe they will be happy. We will have a very nice already planned Christmas dinner.

I'm a little nervous.
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