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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My New Toy: Magic Chef Sandwhich Toaster

I picked up one of these handy little gadgets at a garage sale or some place really cheap one day. I really think it's the easiest thing to use to cook with. For example, today I whipped up some pancake batter and then filled the slots and closed it. I made the whole batch within a few minutes without flipping and tossing. These won't be traditional and stackable pancakes with butter and syrup, but they can be grabbed on the way out the door. Of course not all can be eaten in one morning so I freeze the rest for microwavable snacks.

Since I've gone back on low carb I personally can't have any of these tasty treats. Did I put it away? No, I just wiped down the non-stick surface and added some whipped eggs and butter. They came out perfect on both sides.

I have other things to try on this gadget: french toast, mini pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and more.

Do you have one? Let me know what you cook in it and I'll let you know how it turns out for the kids. I would LOVE to have an electric omelet maker :)
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