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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Going Back to School?

I'm a lifetime student and I love to learn. I've been thinking about going back to college--again--where I can learn more about psychology this time around. Why do I want to learn so much? Because it keeps my brain going and keeps things interesting.

I also have children who are getting ready to go to college. Since I am not a wealthy person I am going to check out any scholarships out there which includes the Pell Grant. The US Government will help you go to college by offering this grant to a good majority of individuals who cannot afford to pay for their education. I will also check out any other grants available. The Pell Grant and many of the government sponsored loans will only cover the cost of credits and books and often times they do not cover all the credits and require the student pay for a small percentage of the bill.

Since that small percentage can be more than what I make per year and my children might need housing, I will need to help them get private student loans. Taking out a loan at such a high price tag is a big decision to make which is why I need a site that can help me decide on the best interest rate and deal from the private institutions out there.

With I can compare loans that fit my budget and needs. You can even apply for their $10K giveaway to help out with costs.

If you have children then check it out and plan for their future.
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