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Monday, January 29, 2007

Aren't Kids Silly? - Tampons

My six year old son has the strangest ideas. He was climbing through the closet today and he yells, “Mom, I’ve got your tampons.”

Now I’ve been through this before with the other two so it wasn’t such a shock this time. I just told him to put it back. Instead of listening to me he jumps down from the counter and runs into my office yelling, “What do you do with these tampons.”

I gave him the basic info. “A woman needs that when she’s not going to have a baby.”

End of story.


He gets this wicked smile and tells me, “I know. You paste it to your wiener when you’re not going to have a baby.”

Good grief. He’s six so I can’t go into too much detail so after telling him that he will know when he's older I also tell him, “It’s what men in sports games put in their noses after the ball hits them and it starts to bleed.”

Think he believed that one? Not really, but it helped end the conversation--for now.

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