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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chimpanzees are Better Housekeepers Than I Am

If you look at my house you'll wonder what kind of storm came through and blasted everything away. There's laundry everywhere, toys to step on and pick up, dishes splayed across the kitchen sink and counter, and piles of paperwork to do. The kids don't help and I can't afford to hire anyone so it gets cleans as I can do it.

Now, I have a cat who likes to laze around, yawn, eat, poop, and sleep. Sometimes he gives us the pleasure of petting him, but usually he's a grumpy old man who'd rather go get laid and chase mice outside. Does he clean the fridge or scrub the toilet? No. Heck, I'm lucky if he pushes the litter over his poop in the litter box!

This chimp escaped then came back to scrub the toilet and clean the fridge. They say she was a house pet before coming to the zoo so she probably was familiar with the routine. A chimp? She cleans better that my kids!

Ms Chimp, please come and clean my house!
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