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Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie Review: Wah Wah

I usually do not like this type of movie, but since the most gorgeous actor in the world was starring, I thought I'd give it a chance. Yes, if I had met Gabrial Byrne on the street, even if not knowing who he was, I'd give him a second look, a third, and a fourth. He's also an incredible actor.

Wah Wah was straight to the heart. It made me laugh, cry, and get angry. I'm embarrassed to say that yes, some of my relatives probably acted so snooty back then. Apparently we're mutts from some royalty, at least that is what the lineage says.

I was real nervous in the middle of the movie. I was hoping he wasn't going to turn out to be some jerk and to my relief he didn't. Having been through a childhood divorce and now with my dad very ill, it struck a nerve which is probably why I did enjoy the movie.

Oh, and "American" just made the movie. She was hilarious and real.

Highly recommended and bring a box of Kleenex. Byrne - don't do that to me again, I really hate to see you die in movies.

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