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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Want to Dittle With My Tittle?

What? An accent or the dot on top of the letter i is called a tittle. Why on Earth would anyone call this a tittle? Does it look like a mini nipple or something? The little dot to front of a breast?

According to it is either that or “the tiniest bit; an iota.”

A man who likes small women doesn’t say “Look at those big tits” he says “Look at those tittles!”

Speaking of the word "tits"--I was always told that it was a bad word. If I had said it growing up my mother would have had a cow! The school systems would have screamed at me. It was such a scandalous word that gang members or horny males would write "XYZ has big tits" or "I love big tits" on the wall nearest you. That was in California.

I was amazed and shocked when I heard a school teacher say the work out here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Apparently it is an OK work to say because it means the teats of a cow. I had no clue, I always thought those were teats.

I guess we should all just be careful what we say and where.

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