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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Inches of Dog Poop

That is totally gross! These people lived in two inches of animal poop. Now, I thought my kids were messy. Okay, I know they are. I thought we had it bad with the trail of paper on the floor, the not picking up the messes or ever helping me sweep. I always thought "oh gross, these kids are so messy!" and then I read this tidbit today.

They had a combination of 66 dogs, cats, and puppies inside one little house. I have a hard enough time spending time with one cat! How can you give love to 66 animals unless they're livestock outside and you pat one on the nose once in awhile?

I have three kids and when I get mad at one I go through the list of names before I get to the right one. It's an inherited thing. So can you imagine the horror for me? "Muffy, Trana, Buffy, Spike, Luke, Lucky, Jake, John, Peter, Ranga, I mean Tara." Yikes! I would go nuts or die from the lack of air before I finished.

The place had no running water and two inches of animal poop on the floor. Ewwwww. They say the animals were well fed. What'd they do? Eat each other? I guess that's why they couldn't afford their running water I'm assuming, because of feeding the animals.

Maybe they should have started a dog poop in the mail get mad at your buddy business instead. They could have at least paid their water bill.

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