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Friday, January 05, 2007

Student Claims He Failed Because of Lacrosse Team

Well, well, well, if people won't sue for just about anything. This guy gets an F in class and claims he's a C average student instead of F average. What does he do? He sues Duke University because he feels he was discriminated against because of the whole rape trial which he was not a part of.

His parents wanted his grade changed to a P for passing and $60,000. Let's see, I'm sure his tuition wasn't sixty-grand and I'm sure he wouldn't have made $60K at his first job so what the heck?

He was a C student but it probably didn't have the exam dates before he left so it's possible the D or F might be valid if he didn't do well on the exam. Duke changed his grade to a D and claimed an error in the system, but I think they're both doing a little game here.

Why did he have to sue? There's a process to follow before you go begging for money. Did he follow it?

Is his F worth $60,000?
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