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Friday, January 05, 2007

Woman Gets Settlement for Drunk Husband's Disappearance

This is a sad story. On the cruise of their honeymoon, George Allen Smith disappeared from Jennifer Hagel Smith's life while vacationing on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. He was drunk and might have fallen overboard, no one knows.

Now, to me this is a case of responsibility. Yes, the cruise line should assume that when someone is that drunk then the person could possibly fall overboard. Yes, the cruise line should somehow protect their patrons better. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? He knew he was getting too drunk and she probably knew he was getting too drunk. Shouldn't they have something to blame here, too?

I wasn't at the trial or on the cruise so I have no idea really who to blame, but getting plastered while on a cruise ship is probably a very bozolio thing to do. Unless, of course, this was some well planned out hoax scheme where he hid on a raft and is now enjoying all that money. Hmmm...sounds like a tv movie script. I think I'll go write it. Just kidding.

Get drunk on a cruise and fall overboard.
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