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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Scallywags to Buy and Island to Create Own Laws

This is really annoying. Remember the big music pirate company that was shut down because it was STEALING music? These pirates, or scallywags, The Pirate Bay, want to buy their own island so they can buy their own international copyright laws.

Jerks. I hope they do buy their island and everyone realizes what immoral scum these people are and then they lose so much money that they have to sell their island for way less than they bought it for and they never get money again.

Hey people - not all musicians, artists, authors, and record companies are rich so you're just stealing from rich and poor. Not all people who work for these people have money. When you steal music and such you're stealing from the whole company which means the secretaries, the mail crew, the janitors, and others who are notable for not having great salaries.

Go get a life and stop stealing music.

Hey, if you're reading this and you believe in what I'm saying, then go to this site and read their article then let the world know that you don't like scallywags either.
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