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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jobs in My Area

There are none. Nope, nada, nothing, zilch. There are no jobs here. I looked in the Sunday paper where there should be gazoodles of jobs and the last one added was January 3, 2007. Now, either their online version of the paper is messed up or there are just no jobs to speak of.

We used to be a flourishing community. At least I think so, this was before I came here. There were quite a few chip makers and high tech companies. Now with the changes from our state government, they've all left and gone to California.

Please don't tell me the job market in California is worse. It's not. The jobs in California pay decent money. Here, you can't even get minimum wage if you work as a waitress because they think your tips will cover it. Huh? How are the tips supposed to cover it when your average worker only makes minimum wage?

No, I'm not a waitress. I used to be in high tech and then I moved here. I moved here for a high tech job from a guy who promised the world then skipped out on everyone. I won't mention any names. Since then all the high tech jobs are gone and I'm ready to high tail it back to California.
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